Our Research

The team behind All Best Fish Finder is dedicated to presenting fishing aficionados with accurate and up-to-date information about all relevant models of fish finders and GPS/chart plotting combos as well as free and premium maps and charts.

Having said that, we cannot test every single fish finder out there, so the next best thing is gathering all the available information and comprising a full picture of a specificdevice based on our experience with similar units and user feedback.

Fish finders are a very complex and varied group of products, so creating a universal set of research criteria is borderline impossible. This is why we mostly rely on the overall impression regarding the performance of any given device.

If we are talking individual criteria, we can mention screen quality, sonar capabilities, transducer quality and range, incorporated imaging technologies, networking options, compatibility with well-known maps and charts, waterproof rating, supported fishing types, additional sonar features, and many others.

If we have not used the reviewed device ourselves, we gather all the relevant info from experienced fishers who actually own it and use it on a regular basis. We also go through thousands of user reviews and form our own opinions based on positive and negative feedback. In addition to our fish finder reviews, we also create comprehensive comparison charts with all the important information gathered in one place, so if you are interested in seeing two devices pinned against each other, this can help you choose the best unit for your needs.