Down Imaging Vs Side Imaging Fish Finders – Fully Explained

The realistic picture of the water surface is helpful to make your fishing experience awesome and memorable. For that updated of best fish finders are coming with the latest technologies like down imaging vs side imaging to give you true to life pictures. 

However, both require high-frequency sonar waves to entertain you with a comprehensive image. Generally, 50/ 83/ 200 kHz is sufficient for a moral transducer to work. But the down imaging and side imaging transducers demand comparatively higher frequencies such as 455 or 800 kHz. 

Down Imaging VS Side Imaging

There are lot’s question comes in mind what is down imaging on a fish finder and side imaging sonar. Let’s explore each in detail of Down Imaging VS Side Imaging Fish Finders. 

1. Down Imaging 

To find fish in deep water, down scan images work tremendously. They help you to identify the fish swimming vertically. This technology gives you a vivid structure of what is exactly under your boat. 

down imaging

Down imaging vs sonar is like conventional sonar, it moves from right to left representing the latest information on the right of the screen. Fortunately, you can use this as an all-in-one tool by collaborating with side imaging and switch fire to give you a more enhanced picture of the water surface to catch more fish.  

This is basically designed to give you the life-like picture of what is under your vessel making it easy for you to weed beds, rocks, and other things. Moreover, it also informs you how far your boat is. 

What makes it more popular among fishermen is its ability to make a clear difference between the fish and the bunch of tree limbs or seaweeds. So, you can catch fish with confidence, saving your time. 

Interestingly, this is capable of producing vivid and clear images even at the high speed of boats which is missing inside imaging scanners. It is widely popular among fishing lovers to catch small fish such as bass and panfish because of the easy to use interface and low price.

Like every other gadget, it has some flaws also. It is not suitable to provide you with horizontal information and gives low-quality images.

2. Side Imaging   

If you stuck in how to read side imaging? Here it is, the designed Side imaging sonar is to give you a horizontal view of both sides under your boat. Side imaging works from the top to bottom while displaying current information at the top pushing older information down. 

side imaging

To ensure broad coverage across the water body, the side imaging sonar features a razor-thin beam. They are more like photos without bothering light and dark lights. It allows you to see more natural structures, wreckage, and schools of baitfish taking your fishing experience to the next level. 

Amazingly it is capable of displaying shadows of the objects to make you understand the height and shape of the objects. 

Most importantly, they cover both directions at a time and scans large areas of water, and gives you a high-quality image of the water surface as compared to a down imaging scanner. Therefore, anglers turn to side imaging when moving in shallow water and can side imaging find fish easily in skin-deep bays and creeks. 

Talking about the down scan vs sidescan of this technology, they are a little pricey because of the premium features. They do not display the image of what is under the boat. Moreover, they the provide best fish finder for small boats, and also they give optimal performance when the boat is running slow in order to give you a proper image. 

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