Lowrance Hook2 4x Review with Bullet Transducer and GPS Plotter

Lowrance Hook2 4x Fish Finder

Lowrance hook 2 4x
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Power: 500W RMS
  • Resolution: 480H x 272V pixels
  • Length: 6.5-inches

Lowrance Hook2 4x is the world’s simplest and great Fishfinder that increases angling throughout the fishing trip by offering you simple menus, autotuning sonar, and easy key access.

Lowrance Hook2 4x is the world’s simplest and great Fishfinder that increases angling throughout the fishing trip by offering you simple menus, autotuning sonar, and easy key access.

Besides, In the Lowrance hook2 4x review you get an easy and accurate GPS plotter and bullet skimmer transducer with it, making the fish finding easier and help you to save most of the day.

The Lowrance Hook2-4x is a fish finder that is an upgrade from the Hook2 model. It has all of the features that make it easier for you to use and navigate through. The transducer can be set up in less than five minutes, and it allows you to have a wide range of frequencies so that you can choose the one that works best for your location.

This product is very budget-friendly because it’s less expensive than most other fish finders on the market, but it still has all of the great features. Hence, if you’re casting gear demands a fishfinder, then go through the review of this stunning unit for once and make findings quicker with ease.

Lowrance Hook2 4x Features:

lowrance hook2 4x review

Lowrance Hook2 4x review carries several outstanding features and is designed to add more productivity to your work.

So let’s move on to detailed hook2 review featuring;

1. Ease of use:

The key feature that stands out in this unit most is its ease of use or, you may say, convenience. It’s easiest to set without any need for previous experience, and you may start using the unit straight out of the box.

Besides, the size is compact and perfect for small kayaks. Even you can install and bolt the Bullet skimmer at multiple points on the hull or boat; it may be a scupper hole or trolling motor. Further, the unit is eco-friendly, and the autotuning feature sets the device itself in its best direction.

2. Navigation:

It is also the best gps combo fish finder and It fills all your navigational needs with a GPS plotter feature and plots a map precisely onto the device. In the addition of lowrance 4x fishfinder, you can navigate, follow trails and add waypoints to favorite angling spots.

3. Frequency:

Hook2 4x shines as a worthwhile fishfinder in terms of frequency, but it doesn’t provide you a different range because the CHIRP cannot change frequency settings. Hence, you have to only depend on a single collated image. However, under budget-friendly, it is meant to be a more consumer-grade unit and stood in the top place products.

4. Menus:

A simple menus layout makes it easier to use; options are extensive and distinct from each other. Further, many vital functions are accessible with just a single button adjustment making it the best user-interface unit.

5. Keypad:

Unlike other professional fishfinders, it doesn’t have the touchscreen feature, but keypad quick-switch adjusting buttons ensure you that’s it’s an easy-to-use unit. And in case if you want to for a deeper level, move to its Trackpad navigation system that makes the different option selecting easier and faster by using only one hand. So not worry about having a keypad instead of a touchscreen, as it gives you a natural solid feel and an accessible setting facility.

6. Installation:

Thanks to its various mounting options that added more comfort and convenience. Its bullet skimmer transducer offers you bracket mounts for quick release and front dash gimbal, so multiple options are for you. Lastly, the accommodating compatibility with different trolling motor equipment minimizes your expenditure on buying additional equipment for mounting.

7. Control Unit:

Another feature is its 4″ WVGA color TFT display for more vivid and comprehensive viewing imaging. Besides, an LED backlight offers you precise, vibrant imaging of the bottom and fish, making the catching easier.

The SolarMAXâ„¢ display delivers you stunningly incredible even in direct sunlight at various visibility angles. However, you couldn’t enjoy the side-by-side due to lacking the split-view feature.

8. Beam:

Wide-angle sonar beam offered by this best Lowrance Hook2 4x Fishfinder, but it provides you a single beam. The single beam isn’t missing the fish detecting within a wide range and offer you an exact trapping target; however, you will not get the additional detailed info.

9. Budget-Friendly:

When you compare Lowrance hook 4x review with other best but expensive fishfinders, you’ll find it the best one as it holds all premium features in it. However, unlike others, it isn’t too costly, and it’s quite an affordability gives everyone an equal chance to buy it.

  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Wide-angle transducer
  • SolarMax technology
  • Eco-friendly and GPS plotter
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Excellent navigation
  • Single-frequency
  • Lack of split view feature

What’s making it the best Fish finder? 

  • Firstly, the Sonar Autotuning made it to love as it gives excellent image quality with the automatic adjustment according to water conditions .
  • Secondly, the ID feature makes possible bait and fish tracking.
  • Thirdly, the wide-angle enables you to cover more water and see fish more clearly with the least usage time.
  • Fourthly, the Bullet Skimmer Transducer making it an outstanding unit for small kayaks and fishing boats.
  • Fifthly, the unit is capable of reading the water temperature accurately.
  • Sixthly, the simple GPS plotter provides you proper navigation and let makes easy targeting beneath the deep water.
  • Lastly, having SolarMax technology; offers you enhancing readability quality from various angles this all qualties makes best fish finder of this sonar.

People Ask Question Lowrance hook2 (Faqs):

Q) Can you change the measurement unit of lowrance Hook2 4x for sonar and mapping purposes?

Yes, the unit measures are easily changeable for sonar and mapping purposes. And you can change from the control panel and alter measurements from feet to meters easily.

Q) Is boat speed is monitorable by the Lowarance Hook2 ?

Yes, and the GPS makes it possible to monitor the boat moving speed on the screen.

Q) Where you have to mount the fishfinder transducer?

It would help if you mounted near to the boat center as it provides more precise results and transducer on a fish finder must be parallel then it will be located superbly.

Q) How to install the lawrance Hook2 4x?

It’s effortless to install; unpack it, mount and fix it on your desired position on the boat, and start tracking.

Final Notes:

We concluded that the Hook2 Fishfinder is an excellent choice for those looking for angling or casting as a hobby. All impactful features including, affordability, ease of use, compact size, varying mounting options, and much more, make it ideal.

Furthermore, the wide-angle sonar, a GPS plotter, indeed ensures you how durable and best it is. The Lowrance Hook2-4x is a great model that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

It has all of the features you need to find your fish in any area, with set up taking less than five minutes. We hope this post has helped you narrow down which model would work best for your needs!

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